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Rose City Comic Con 2016

comic comic book comic con portland rose city comic con signing

Rose City Comic Con this year was a blast. Amazing how many talented writers and artists live right here in Portland. Due to that abundance of awesome talent at this show we had a very large number of submissions of comics to get signed for our customers.

Brian Michael Bendis ("Jessica Jones"), Terry Dodson (variant cover artist on "Superwoman", "Wonder Woman", "Dark Knight III", and more), David Finch ("Batman"), Jimmy Palmiotti ("Harley Quinn" and "Jonah Hex"), Amanda Palmer ("Harley Quinn"), Charles Soule ("Inhumans" and "Lando"), Mike Mignola ("Hellboy"), Stan Sakai ("Usagi Yojimbo") and so very many more.

I must say that every...

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Comic Book "Flipping"

cbcs cgc comic comic book comic con flipping graded pgx slabbing

As we are one day away from attending the local comic book convention, Rose City Comic Con... once again the monster topic known as comic book "flipping" has reared its gruesome head.

For those readers who are unaware I will first start with: what is 'flipping'?

Well, in the comic book world, the term 'flipping' refers to when a comic book fan buys a copy of a popular comic book, takes the book to a comic book convention where the artists of the book will be appearing, they have the artists sign the comic book in the presence of a grading company's witness,...

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Stan Lee Private Signing!

Cosmic Reads is thrilled to announce another private signing opportunity with "the man" himself... STAN LEE!

That's right! Excelsior! Do not wait on this one. Over the past year Stan Lee has been announcing is final appearance at several conventions:

-New York City Comic Con (NYCC)
-Rose City Comic Con

Could this be the last year that Stan "the Man" Lee is doing the convention scene?

We aren't going to risk it. Time to pull out all those key Marvel comics and get those books signed.

Click here to sign up before space fills up!


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Jeff Parker and Pete Woods Signing

batman '66 future quest jeff parker pete woods signing

Had a great time over at "I Like Comics" for a signing with Jeff Parker and Pete Woods. Jeff is working on Future Quest and Batman '66. Pete is working with Dark Horse on Cryptocracy which just released the first issue.

Both of these are great guys... fun to chat with and are great at what they do.




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Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez Signing

civil war civil war II comics signing tfaw things from another world

So this was pretty cool... with the release of Civil War II another local comic book shop had a signing with locals Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez! I was still pretty tired from Fan Expo Dallas.. but I also had these Civil War II variants from Dallas that were just begging to be signed. :)

It was a lot of fun... those are guys are really a hoot. Tons of energy and smiles. It was a great time.


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