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How To Get Your Comic Books Signed

You can submit comic books to us and we will get them signed and shipped to CBCS to be graded and encapsulated!

Here is how it works:
Check out our Events page to find out which conventions and signing events we will be attending.  If you see an artist or guest appearing at that convention whose signature you want... Contact Us! See detailed instructions below.

The Process:
You mail your comic books to us.  We will take them to the event and have them autographed.  We will then submit the comic books to CBCS for grading. Your comic book will be returned to you, by CBCS, encapsulated and with the Yellow Label*.

Your Steps:

  1. Email us the following information: Name of the event, which comics you want signed, and by whom.
  2. We will email you a quote which will outline:
    1. Artist's Signature Costs (actual or estimated)
    2. Our fee for obtaining and witnessing each signature
    3. Shipping Fee's (if applicable)
  3. You choose to either:
A. Use our retailer CBCS account and have us do the paperwork
B. Use your own current CBCS account 
C. You create your own free CBCS account here  by clicking "Join Free Membership"
If using your own CBCS account:
  1. You complete the comic book submission form on the CBCS website, print it out, and place it in the bag with one of your bagged/boarded comics.
  2. You prep your comic book(s) by following the instructions here (you can create your own signature windows using colored tape or you can purchase our Signature Windows here).
You must mail your comic book(s) and CBCS Submission Form to us and we must receive it by the date indicated on the Events page. Any comic books received after this date will be returned to the sender, unless prior arrangements have been made.


    Q. How much are the Artist's Signature Fee's?
    A. Usually they are free. However, celebrities will charge for their signature and some comic book artists. Some of the comic book artists that typically charge are Stan Lee, Neal Adams, Jim Lee, Robert Kirkman, etc. If known, the quote will reflect their costs for the signature. If not known, we will provide an estimate based on past conventions.

    Q. What are your fee's?
    A. We use the following chart to determine our fee's for obtaining and witnessing a signature:

    Artist's Fee: $0-39          Our Fee: $5 / signature
    Artist's Fee: $40-99        Our Fee: $10 / signature
    Artist's Fee: $100-199    Our Fee: $25 / Signature
    Artist's Fee: $200+         Our Fee: TBD

    All of the fee's will be outlined in the quote we email to you.

    Q. Can you submit the book to CBCS for me?
    A. Yes. For a modern comic the cost is $27 + $5 per additional signature. Shipping costs will be determined at the time of the order. Pricing for older comics (pre-1975) will be in the quote.

    Q. Can you press the comic book for me?
    A. Yes. The cost for pressing is $23 / comic book. If pressing more than one comic just ask us for a quote.

    Q. Can I buy the comic book from you and have you take it to the event to be signed?
    A. Yes. Let us know when you email us. This is a nice option that allows you to save some money on shipping your comics to us. We will do our best to select the best looking comic in our inventory, however, we do not guarantee any particular grade.

    Q. I don't want to prep my comics. Can you do it for me?
    A. Yes. We charge $2 per comic that we have to prep.

    Q. Instead of submitting comics to CBCS, will you ship it back to me after it is signed?
    A. Absolutely. Just let us know in the email. We will provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity** for the autographs we witness.

    Q. Will you take a comic book to get signed at a convention and then ship it to another Authorized Witness for a different convention?
    A. No. We will ship it to CBCS or back to you. The paperwork involved in that scenario is  a nightmare!

    Q. Can I get the autograph in a specific color/location?
    A. You can put a note on the comic book when it is prepped with a signature window. However, we do not guarantee that the artist will follow your instructions. That is their decision not ours.

    Q. I just want a regular autograph on a photo found on the celebrity's table. Will you get that for me?

    A. Sorry, but we do not offer that service at this time. Our business is currently focused on comic books.

    Waiver of Liability: You acknowledge that you accept the risks involved in the services that we provide.These include, but are not limited to, loss of the comic book, damage such as tearing, bending, creasing, or staining which may be caused by shipping and/or by the signee during a signing event. You understand that by using our service you do so voluntarily with full understanding of the risks inherent in this process. By using our service you agree that you will not hold Cosmic Reads, it's owners or representatives responsible for any damage or loss that occurs while your comic books are in our possession. You forfeit all rights to bring a lawsuit against Cosmic Reads. In return, Cosmic Reads will take the utmost care in selecting, receiving, and handling all comic books and will make every effort to follow reasonable safety precautions to maintain the integrity of all comic books. Cosmic Reads makes no guarantees on the grade any comic book will receive from any grading company. By using our service you agree that you have read and accept these terms.
    If you have any other questions please contact 

    *Obtaining the Yellow Label assumes you only have CBCS witnessed autographs on your comic books. Any comic books that were signed previous to be submitted to us and were not witnessed by an approved CBCS Authorized Witness may not receive the Yellow Label. See the CBCS website for more details.

    **The Certificate of Authenticity we provide is for your records only. It confirms the authenticity of the signature witnessed by Cosmic Reads, LLC. We make no guarantees that any grading company will accept the COA in order to obtain a yellow label any time in the future.